Kitchens on land and on sea.

Our main focus is on matters surrounding professional cookery: more precisely, kitchens. We love putting them at the centre and making them visible. We design bespoke kitchens for restaurants, hotels, megayachts and private residences.


We listen to those who work and spend most of their days in the kitchen. Our partners are typically passionate professionals who usually consult us directly, always seeking the highest expressivity in their work.

The customer
at the centre

We give our absolute maximum in terms of attention, professionalism and support to those wanting certified quality, design, uniqueness, functionality and materials that will last over time. We want every kitchen to reflect in its growth both its requirements and our interpretations and experience.


We fit kitchens of our own design, carrying out all planning with the utmost professionalism: site inspections, relations with the various crafts involved, works management. And we can deliver to customers anywhere in the world.


Our design department manages the internal components and develops the lay-outs for the Marrone company, supplying it with kitchens for use in the nautical sector on megayachts. We can combine over ten years of experience in design and supply in this sector with the flexibility, uniqueness and skills of Marrone, thus elevating the standard of kitchens for megayachts and gigayachts to a new level. Otmar Frasnelli is currently solely responsible for the new spin-off of the Marrone group.

FlexiCombi e SpaceCombi

The professional convection oven from MKN – the pleasure of cooking!

Thanks to its Touch&Slide settings concept it is possible to set all the functions on the FlexiCombi MagicPilot convection oven just as if it was an ordinary Smartphone of the type we use every day. Even the most complex of settings that are increasingly necessary in professional kitchens are made easy – very easy.