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The kitchen design specialist.

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We employ a mixed craft-based and industrial approach in the supply of bespoke kitchens to the professional catering sector. We use professional materials as standard, such as stainless steel, integrating them with materials that enhance their beauty and design, such as marble, granite, wood, glass and others. Thus we produce kitchens and arrangements that are above all functional but also aesthetically attractive, with a marked visual appeal. The primary objective of Frasnelli is the continuous achievement of high quality combined with industrial technology and craftsmanship.


Meticulous design, ergonomics, design and excellent materials – all custom-built. This is the recipe for the kitchens we produce for our highly demanding customers.

Leader in

The kitchen is more and more a place where perfection, hygiene and ergonomics are required and where professionals increasingly meet at the highest levels. True professionals demand the best possible working tools. Continuous development and determined research will consolidate our position of excellence at international level.

The outfitting of a professional kitchen is for us like the making of a bespoke suit: it is produced especially for those who have to work and create there, for those who spend many hours in the kitchen and require a highly ergonomic, professional environment to allow each chef to fully express their professionalism. We therefore work with the best suppliers who can guarantee reliable, high-performance, solid products that reflect our beliefs. Our evolution knows no end.

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