Otmar Frasnelli

Experimenting in order to improve: everything has a beginning, first comes the idea. The idea becomes concrete. But it is never the final result: it grows, it evolves, it takes different directions and you have to follow it. You cannot lock it up and keep it for yourself.
It’s like children… you can point them in a certain direction but you must let them grow and evolve!

Otmar Frasnelli

Born in 1962

Following his technical studies, he worked in various fields.

  • 1984: first experience in the field of technical supplies for catering.
  • Technical experiences as a manager.


First experiences
  • Return to technical experiences as head of technical systems for an industrial kitchens company.
  • Formed his first company in 1993 as a firm offering technical assistance for large installations that gradually began to supply complete systems.
  • At the end of 1995 a second partner joined the firm with further expansion of the design and supply sector.
  • Increasingly diverse and larger projects and deliveries.

  • Sale of the original company and beginning of new ideas increasingly directed outside the little world of South Tyrol.

  • Joint ventures and ideas spring up with architects, hoteliers, renowned chefs and others. New ideas and a continuous stream of new projects help us improve. We learn how to offer innovative solutions, sometimes difficult to implement, but always aimed at providing a leading-edge working environment.

  • Experimentations of various materials in combination with steel.
  • Installations in various Italian regions and abroad.

  • We begin designing and supplying solutions in Germany where we soon become respected and copied by the competition.

  • Major deliveries to non-European countries, Africa, Mexico, Middle East and Iraq.

  • Exponential growth in Mega Yacht supplies.
Otmar Frasnelli continues to evolve.

The idea is just the beginning.

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